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Interview to President Mr. Luciano Feletto.

by Ivan De Stefano


President, Mr. Luciano Feletto.

CCIB , founded in 1954, is a mixed Chamber with services provided by companies, without public subsidy. It is legally recognized from the Ministry of Economic Development of Rome and it is recorded at 18th in Chamber of Commerce in Italy. Its aim is to give at the economic dealer of the two communities of reference (Italians towards Brazil and vice versa), information, advice and assistance. CCIB wants to inform and to support Italians companies for their Internalization actions toward Brazil; to promote events with other Bodies of “ Italy system” in order to support companies and the “Made in Italy”; to give them right services to value their actions in Brazil; to adopt support and communication method at Companies and Bodies of “Italy system”; to assist collaboration between two economic and institutional communities, using method to promote exchanges between these two different economic culture. CCIB base is in Milan, in Via della Moscova 3 (tel. 026552044/026570803, – and it is present in Italy with Representative Office in Liguria, Friuli, Emilia Romagna e Lazio; to improve some economic / commercial aspects between Brazil and Italy. We put some questions to the Doctor Luciano Feletto, the President of Italo Brazilian Chamber of Commerce.

Your Excellency President, how long have you been covering this role of Italo Brazilian Chamber of Commerce?

It is a free role, like all of the Chamber organs, knowing Brazil by the undersigned with my deep knowledge of Brazil, meetings of the last years confirm me as President since 1996.

How long has Italo/Brazilian Chamber of Commerce established, and in detail, can you illustrate its specific aims?

Chamber of Commerce was founded in 1954, and in May 2014, it celebrated its 60th years, with an event dedicated to Institution and Companies. As Article of Association foresee, Chamber’s aim, being part of Italy system with the specialty of Brazil, is to sustain the Internalization of small and medium Concerns, giving first of all free information and then assisting them with advices to 360° about legislative, customs, fiscal, corporate, job, environment, financial and logistics themes.

Which opportunities are there to Italian investments in Brazil, and which sectors have more consideration?DSCF0298 (3)

It is important to know Brazil is the 9th World Economy and its market is a domestic consumption market, whit possibilities for Internalization of Italian and European concerns to find a business and productive Partner. The main activities and sectors where Italian and European concerns have an important role are: economic activity induced by the car industry, induced economic products of Oil and Gas system, great work and road and airport concessions; railway; quality food, engineering and precision plastic; chemical and petrochemical, including medication.

According to the economic and industrial field, how does Italy perceived by Brazil for short and long-term investments?

The perception of Made in Italy in Brazil is high especially because the Italianism of its products is known for its industries in the area for many years: Fiat Group, Pirelli Group, Ferrero, Barilla, etc… as well as the traditional drawing brands of Made in Italy like: Armani, Ferrari, Diesel and others, even if the industrial and technologic aspect is the best known.

Can you improve us your function in order to organize and to develop entrepreneurial mission in Brazil?

As it is known to those who follow the International economic market evolutions, multisectoral missions concept has not an operational value, both for waste of time and resource and because Italian and Brazil’s needs are changed. We organize missions aimed at targets, devoting in specific company needs, the necessary support to find in Brazil location, Partner, office and solutions devoted to the only reality.

On which innovations is Brazil pointing (renewable energies – photovoltaic), both for environmental respect and for the global competitiveness?

Brazil are innovating and renewing all the strategic choices for social and economic increase of the Country, paying attention to the productive reality that want to take over these sectors: green energy (photovoltaic), biomass, Aeolian, development of software and technologic innovations of sectors, technologies and innovations about productive systems, innovation and development of railway, motorway and port system.

In conclusion, thanking you for your willingness, I ask you my last question: what do you think about the future economic world exchanges with Italy in this period of European economic crisis?

Italy and its Business System in general has technologies, entrepreneurship and knowledge to look at World Market. We often note that Companies are not organized to face the New Extra-European Markets, waiting for the Old Europe, more known, secure and nearest, will return to the old consumption, leaving out “real market” opportunities like Brazil, where doing Company, is possible and competitive, keeping own reality and identity in Italy, but being able to grow in a real market.

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