Japan in Italy

Japan in Italy Cultural Association

by Barbara Ganetti


At the center of the President of Japan in Italy , Dott . Alberto Moro , on his right , the President of the Rotary Club of Osaka .Born in 2007, Giappone in Italia (“Japan in Italy”) is a non-governmental, not-for-profit, cultural association dedicated to promoting the Japanese culture in Italy through the organization of art exhibitions and cultural events, and the dissemination of news about Japan-related initiatives of greatest interest at national level.

The Association relies on a large network of associates, artists, and experts of Japanese culture, who provide suggestions and insight knowledge about the thousands fascinating aspects of the Land of the Rising Sun: from painting to cinema, from the tea ceremony to the art of bonsai. To acquaint the general public with these subjects, Giappone in Italia not only proposes a rich selection of related articles, but also offers an overview of the events organized by organizations and associations all across Italy.

The promotion of these events is conducted through the main channels of communication of the Association: the website www.giapponeinitalia.org, which collects and displays in a calendar the full description of all the events, and the monthly newsletter, which summarizes the most popular content, together with offers and promotions dedicated to subscribers.

Giappone in Italia is also present on the main social media: the Association’s Facebook page and Twitter profile are updated on a daily basis, in order to ease the access to and sharing of content. The interaction between these two instruments ensures a widespread dissemination of the information and events that the Associations promotes.

At the same time, Giappone in Italia supports and collaborates with public institutions at all levels in the implementation of initiatives of artists, experts, and Japanese cultural excellences present in Italy.

Among the most important events that saw the contribute of the Association are: the two exhibitions “I Samurai” (The Samurais) and “Shunga: Amore ed Eros nel periodo Edo” (Shunga: Love and Eros in the Edo period), presented by the Fondazione Mazzotta at Palazzo Reale in 2009; the Nippon Festival, held in Lugano between 2010 and 2011, and; the 2013 and 2014 Milano Manga Festival, organized in collaboration with Asatsu DK. Giappone in Italia has also promoted the initiatives “Charity Box EMERGENCY PROJECT FOR JAPAN” and “Orto dei sogni”, to help raise funds for the Japanese population.

All of this has contributed to make Giappone in Italia a point of reference for the promotion of the Japanese culture in Italy, recognized also by the Consulate of Japan in Milan.


Reception Party - Nara Prefecture, the Swiss Corner of Milan . In the middle with the microphone Dr . Alberto Moro , on his right the Consul General Added Dr . Makoto Tominaga

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