Mechanical Workshop Erea s.r.l

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Mechanical Workshop Erea s.r.l

Zuccotti Mechanical Workshop is on the Italian territory since 1981; it is situated in Lombardy, specifically in Candia Lomellina, where it covers an area of about 1500 squares meters and avails itself of national and international partnerships. They have always operated in close collaboration with the industrial companies locally located. Since 2003, Zuccotti laboratory has become Mechanical Workshop Erea s.r.l., in its path of evolution and innovation. The peculiar agility and flexibility of Erea organizational pattern –  in accordance with every legislative decree in the field of job security and accident prevention –  prepares this dynamic business to be the perfect partner for more structured and larger industrial companies.

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Nowadays, Erea laboratory can manage entire projects and parts of them independently and always following the right and proper verification process with the customers. In these cases, the cooperation could be directly realized or in the form of subcontracted mechanical components, related to broader projects, or also in the form of mechanical productions supply in the systems in which the customer company is occupied. Beyond all the equipment for metal working, the workshop has three overhead travelling cranes up to 50 quintal capacity, therefore it is possible to organize the production without too many obligations linked to the transfer of pieces during the working phase.

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