United Arab Emirates Toward Expo 2020


Interview to Head of the Health Department of the Emirate Government Mr.  Khalifa Bin Darrai

by Ivan De Stefano


Head of the Health Department of the Emirate Government, Mr. Khalifa Bin Darrai.

To be in line with progress means to make people’s lives more simple, peaceful and most of all more secure; as to guarantee the liveability, and life itself, by offering the best results when saving anyone who is involved in an accident, injured or victim of a misfortune. During Expo 2015 the Arab Emirates were not just able to tell the tale of a dynamic country and of a resource, water, which is today more important than oil. But the UAE diffused, on a trial basis, the use of ambulance buses. These are already in use in Dubai, and are actual mobile operating rooms; allowing a speed of first aid, essential in severe emergencies and to victims of injuries. Khalifa Bin Darrai, head of the Health Department of the Emirate Government, has shown the characteristics of this vehicle, which will be utilized during Expo 2020 in the UAE. It is a 22 metres long vehicle, with two operating rooms on board, which can accommodate up to 75 people. It is a mobile clinic with specialised personnel, an intensive care unit, electrocardiogram (ECG) and x-ray machinery; and without leaded screens which lowers the risk of errors in the detection and monitoring of internal bleeding, c-sections and subsequent incubation. This vehicle has everything required to face urgent assistance, in order to avoid the wasting of time which, in many cases, puts at risk the life of the victims.

Is this type of assistance already guaranteed in Your country?

Certainly, and with excellent results; which are verified by the time required to get where the accident has taken place. This time is on average calculated at seven minutes , and we are trying to reduce it further, thanks to a communication and location system in the bus stations.

Did the presence in Italy only represent an advertising spot for Your initiative?

Not at all, we had the opportunity, in agreement with the Italian Health Department, to become aware of what the Italian healthcare system can provide. This was an occasion for comparison and improvement for both sides.

Back to the ambulance bus, what are its other interesting characteristics?

The oxygen supply of 12 thousand litres, three days’ worth of oxygen, has the same functioning principle of a plane, through masks which are dropped from the ceiling and controlled through individual provision. The vehicle has an air conditioning system (as in the Emirates the outdoor temperature is high) and high-performance barriers of air in the doors. Lastly there are boxes with power supplies, used to treat victims with several injuries, and decontamination systems with protective suits. A genuine jewel of science, realised on commission from Mercedes, which has encountered international approval, and will be one of the many surprises for the visitors of Expo 2020.
As confirmed by Mohammed Ben Rachid Al Maktom, Vice President of the Government, the internationalization of this solution to save human lives is our main objective as a government. We wish to reach objectives which are in line with our ideal: to live well, to live in health, to defend life; as the multimedia journey of our pavilion in Milan showed. To be astonished is not enough, to feel protected by the ones who look over our lives is beautiful!




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