Vger s.r.l.


With an expertise of more than 25 years in the field of elevators checks, Vger is specialized in the most modern technological requirements, thanks to studies and agreements with quality partners.

Every product is certified and tested according to the parameters requested by the law, combining the technology with the knowledge of their employees’ fieldwork; for this reason, the assistance offered is of excellence.

Vger is an import-export company. Its mission is to meet companies around the world in order to establish strong cooperations. They are operating in different branches.


Vger principal branch:

Electric and electronic branch like as project for high quality control panel for elevators or microprocessor control system, Control Panel with plc system, AC motor electronic control, System control by PC, etc.

Alternative energy power:

With its partnership, Vger is able to supply components for solar power and wind power.

Monitor your installation from everywhere you are

The high tecnology on-board allows to have everything under control.

The possibility to monitor and set every parameter of the controller via pc, tablet and smartphone it’s a major feature to grant quickly response in every situation.

Quickly response means money save, one of the most important matter nowadays.


High quality components – Guarantee of quality and reliability

The co-operation of Vger with the mainly lift components’ producers, allow the company to offer a complete plant suitable for all the customer’s requests, always granting High Quality, High Reliability.

Controller for Elevators Made in Italy and Europe

Vger Lifts’ can offer high quality Controller for lift, for all kind of applications.

For passenger elevator, freight elevator, car elevator, food elevator, panoramic elevator.

Vger can also offer a complete plant.


The company is specialized in the developing of lift controllers. The electronic controller used runs particular characteristics thanks to in-plant software realized and carefully checked. The versatility of the product and years of experience allow to solve different problematics.




Vger srl

Production base:

Via Mottoscarone 101, 28019 Suno (NO) Italy

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